Intelligent app discovery.

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A better way to find relevant apps

With the explosion of information and applications around the web, mobile users must be adept at searching multiple sources and then manually organizing their content. Digital Turbine Discover provides a clean, easy to use interface to search, locate and organize apps on a device. All while providing relevant recommendations that are valuable for users, and beneficial for mobile operators.

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Make the smartphone smarter

Discover incorporates the latest developments in statistical and machine learning techniques to provide tools to search the way users think, around brands rather than verticals. Discover has customizable features that include notifications as well as a variety of design features and widgets.

Increase customer engagement

The core of the recommendation engine is our proprietary technology that analyzes millions of connections between complementary apps as well as determining app quality and customer sentiment. This delivers far more tailored recommendations based on app use, app relativity as well as app popularity and daily content keeps users engaged over time.

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Robust analytics

Discover provides superior search, discovery and organization — with analytics that can help you fine-tune performance and quality. Robust reporting provides insights and tools to give you the information you need to drive results.


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