The World Cup is Here: Four Ways To Score Your Brand Goal!

Nov 17, 2022
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

We’re only a few days away from the biggest soccer (or futbol) event in the world – the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Ad spends for the tournament were planned months ago and now brands anxiously await the start of the tournament – and their ad campaigns. And while during the games are where most of the big advertising dollars will be spent, new data shows that brands also should have a strategy for the days, even weeks, following the games as well! 

Much like a month long Super Bowl, consumers around the globe expect the advertising to be entertaining during the World Cup. Goals might be the main attraction, but brands certainly will have moments where they can be the center of attention. 

Here are four data points and takeaways on how brands can grow users and revenues during and after the World Cup:

  1. 1. Have a Complementary Mobile Strategy: While many fans will tune into the game on the big screen, 74% of fans consider multi-device a critical component of the World Cup experience. Whether or not you have a big TV spend for the games, complementing that with a full-funnel mobile strategy will maximize effectiveness of your advertising.
  1. 2. Use Humor to Rise Above the Fray: There will be a lot of distractions during the World Cup – I can hear the vuvuzelas now! And much like the vuvuzelas’ sound rises above the crowd to be heard, the best ads will have to find their own way to rise above the fray! And what rises above the fray better than humor as 62% of fans want to see funny ads. Getting attention matters when it comes to recall. Make them laugh and they’ll remember.
  1. 3. Keep Your Brand Front and Center: The importance of capturing attention isn’t just for the first viewing of an ad. Attention also leads to better brand recall! Data shows that 54% of fans will look up an ad again. Keep your brand present on relevant mobile channels following the tournament games to ensure your message gets through. While they might not have time to act during the game action, they will find things they recall later.
  1. 4. Be Patient – The Goals Are Coming: Great teams take their time to break down a defense in soccer to finally break through. Your ad strategy should work similarly. While 83% of fans will consider purchasing a product they saw advertised, they also indicate that it might be days, weeks, even maybe a month after they saw the ad before they make a purchasing decision. 

The World Cup is a time of great entertainment, great distraction, and great opportunity. While the great players are scoring goals, brands have a window to find app users that will last a lifetime by bringing out their greatness – through creativity, persistence, and a great finishing strategy. Contact us to find out more about how your brand can shine during the World Cup.

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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