About Those Acquisitions: The Start of a Wonderful Friendship

Jul 02, 2021
By: Mike Ng

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – Steve Jobs

You might have heard that our Turbine is growing. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ve finalized the acquisitions of AdColony, Appreciate, and Fyber. While the individual growth of each of our 4 companies was already great, the opportunity of what we can do together is tremendous. 

Same Great Team, Same Great Support

First and foremost, the team you are working with today isn’t changing! You’ll see no immediate changes in your billing, reporting or technology. We know how you rely on our people to drive your success and deliver the results you’ve come to expect. 

Whether you’ve been with us a week or years, we will continue to support you with whatever you need and then some as we move forward into our new future. Additionally, we’ll keep you abreast of new opportunities that arise as we explore the further synergies of our wonderful new relationships. 

A Shared Vision – Connecting The Dots & Independence

Our goal at Digital Turbine has always been to simplify the connections in the complicated ad ecosystem – without competing, directly or indirectly, with our partners’ and client’s businesses. Our unique tech, built right into the core of smartphones, has allowed us to create better methods for advertisers, publishers, carriers, and OEMs to grow users and revenue. This same unique platform and vision remains central as we integrate the ad-tech of AdColony, Appreciate, and Fyber. 

As Steve Jobs alluded to, great combinations take time to develop. We know there is a path to many great opportunities – and here’s a few that we’re psyched about already:

  • Customers of our monetization solutions can now leverage preloads on carrier/OEM devices to seamlessly and simultaneously drive additional installs to monetize.
  • Brand Advertisers can now leverage our unique carrier & OEM inventory, that is brand and carrier-safe, to extend their own inventory pool.
  • Through the power of our SingleTap technology, which allows a user to go from ad to app install with one touch, we’ve created a different and better DSP that boosts conversions by up to 5x. Simply put, Can Your DSP Do That?

Stay Tuned! And in the meantime, make sure you follow Digital Turbine, Fyber, and AdColony on LinkedIn! 

About Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine is the leading independent mobile growth platform and levels up the landscape for advertisers, publishers, carriers and OEMs.  By integrating a full ad stack with proprietary technology built into devices by wireless operators and OEMs, Digital Turbine supercharges advertising and monetization.  The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices globally.

About Fyber

Fyber, part of Digital Turbine’s independent Mobile Growth Platform, develops innovative ad monetization solutions trusted by top mobile game and app publishers. Fyber’s product suite – FairBid mediation, Fyber Marketplace, and Offer Wall Edge, were built with performance, scale and transparency in mind. Our products offer publishers a trusted, unconflicted alternative that drives superior results by creating an optimal connection between mobile audiences, top global brands and mobile-first advertisers across over 40Bn daily ad opportunities.
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About AdColony

AdColony, part of Digital Turbine’s leading independent mobile growth and monetization platform, helps brands, agencies, and apps expand their reach and results with the power of mobile. AdColony is known globally for its award-winning video advertising marketplace, with ad engagement innovations like Instant-Play™, Aurora™ HD Video, Playables, and more. 

About Appreciate

Appreciate is a global technology company that builds programmatic mobile advertising solutions. We collaborate closely with MMPs, exchanges, advertisers, and other partners to provide an unconditionally transparent platform advertisers use to take total control of their programmatic ecosystem and achieve massive incremental growth and ROI.