6 Reasons It’s Android Season

Nov 18, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Although people have started shopping earlier this year before, activity will ramp up over the coming week. And perhaps nowhere is that more prevalent than the amount of deals you see on new Android phones – like the Samsung S21, S21 Ultra, Z Fold, and Z Flip. 

With so many of these devices about to be in the hands of shoppers this season, this certainly could be an Android season like no other. And advertisers need to makes sure they are ready to attract this lucrative group of shoppers.

And if you need more reasons why, here’s 6 (Check out the full infographic here):

  1. No IDFA Means no Easy UA: Reindeers might be leaving tracks, but Apple users will not. With 2 of 3 users opting out, lots of app categories are struggling to find any campaign efficiency on Apple. 
  2. Android’s Biting Into the Apple Pie: Recent data suggests that Android is gaining in popularity in the US, with the entire country and 32 states having positive brand sentiment for Android vs. Apple. 
  3. Android Users Love Your Stuff: Consumer data of Android users show that they are stuffing their stockings with LOTS of things advertisers love this season – like tech gadgets, games, news, streaming media, music, and pop culture.
  4. Android Users Shop For Deals: The majority of Android users are very deal conscious – with a strong affinity for loyalty programs, discount codes, and coupons. During the holiday season, they’ll be the ones looking for your great promotions!
  5. Android Users Avoid Social: Android users are much less likely than Apple users to be social media hounds. Which means finding them isn’t as simple as using web and social ads. Diversify your strategy, including….
  6. Get On The Devices They Are Buying Devices in Droves: The Consumer Tech Association is reporting that 191 million US consumers will be buying some sort of device this season, with Android phones heading the list. 

That’s a whole lot of cool new devices about to be unboxed over the next month and a half. What’s your strategy to get on them? Contact us if you need ideas! (insert link)

Download our full infographic on Why The Holidays Will Be An Android Season Like No Other!

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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