Under The Microscope: Mobile Gaming in Russia

Aug 25, 2021
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

Consumers are continuing to look to gaming across all mobile devices and operating systems for fun, entertainment, and more. Habits picked up over the last year are here to stay, and time and money spent in mobile games will remain steady or continue to rise. However, new and lifelong mobile gamers do not look the same in every country. Brands and advertisers must get to know these unique audiences in order to better reach these gamers and create meaningful connections. Digital Turbine surveyed mobile gamers around the world to better understand their digital behavior, and this week we’re learning about mobile gamers in Russia!

As users all over the world are continuing to spend time and money in mobile games, mobile gamers in Russia are no exception. As of July 2021, the top mobile games in Russia by in-app revenue were Homescapes with over 1.7 million U.S. dollars, Hero Wars at almost $1.5 million, and PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition, with a little over $1.2 million, according to As users are consuming more mobile games and dedicating time to mobile apps, publishers are responding by producing more mobile applications and games. reports that over three quarters of the software that was created by Russian publishers for Android as of February 2021 were applications with 23% of those apps being mobile games. Learn more about this growing mobile gaming market in this edition of Under the Microscope!

Highlights from Russia
  • 53% of Russian adults are playing mobile games.
  • Russian mobile gamers spent more than 3.5 hours on their mobile devices in a day.
  • Favorite gaming genres include Action/Adventure, Racing, and Simulation.
  • Top personal interests are films/cinema, music, and personal healthcare.
  • What are they doing while watching TV? Using social media (68%), messaging friends (56%), playing games (45%), and reading the news (37%).

Check out the infographic for more great insights into mobile gamers in Russia below. Click the image for a full-size version!

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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