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Programmatic Mobile Ads: Now and the Future

According to an Adroll study, in 2015, 32 percent of marketers were using it to place more than half of their ad budgets. In this post, we’ll help you define the concept and progression of programmatic advertising.

As MediaTwoPointOh explains, real-time bidding is automated technology that intelligently bids on ad inventory across the web.  This process enables advertisers to deliver targeted advertisements at a scale that would be impossible through traditional media buying. In addition, the precision of the bidding process gives advertisers and publishers alike the ability to generate revenue. Check out this brief outline of RTB.

Programmatic advertising enables advertisers to automate the ad buying process through computerized methods or complex algorithms. With the bidding process working at an accelerated pace, advertisers can optimize the ads they want viewers to see without including the mundane processes of ad buying. The IAB does an excellent job of outlining the programmatic process!

Adweek conducted a study in 2011 to discuss the future possibility of programmatic advertising. RTB was expected to be a 6 billion dollar business in 2015. In reality, we saw the business accumulate over $8.7 billion dollars! Mobile advertisers believe programmatic will be a multi-billion dollar business by 2017. As the mobile industry continues to thrive, automation will become even more influential. The infographic below gives excellent insight into the expectations in this space.


There hasn’t been a better time to be invest in the mobile advertising space. With advanced technological processes on the horizon, programmatic advertising will continue to thrive and aid in that process. Digital Turbine is a leader in the mobile programmatic advertising industry and can be reached at [email protected]

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