Top Performing Categories for Mobile App Preloads

Apr 18, 2016
By: Marissa Camilli


The top categories based on on the highest click rate percentage are: Utilities, Entertainment, Gaming, Shopping, Social/Messaging and Travel.

With users constantly struggling to free up space on their phones, improve battery life and keep their phone secure, it’s easy to understand that the Utility category, with apps like Clean Master, is the top performing category across the timeframes, 7-day opens to 90-day retention.

It is also not surprising that Entertainment and Social/ Messaging perform well on click through rates as we are using our smartphones more to watch movies, stream videos, listen to music and keep up with our friends.

Gaming interestingly comes in number three for sponsored app click rates. However, data from Sensor Tower Q1 Data Digest Report points to a much different trend in the Google Play store – where games are the top downloaded app in 2016 so far. The difference in the data points to the power of preloaded apps and how the typical Play store ‘top performing categories’ can be dynamic as users discover useful apps directly on their smartphones, they may not have searched for in the Play store. Note this compares sponsored app preloads to Google Play downloads so the comparison is not exactly apples to apples, but it is an interesting juxtaposition.

Notwithstanding, games are a huge category and within it there are different types of games that perform on different levels. Look for our next blog where we dig into these subcategories and their performance.

Data source:  Internal Digital Turbine Data: Global Android Devices

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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