Ad Manager FAQs: What to Expect

Jun 03, 2020
By: Marissa Camilli

What is partner approval?

Partner approval is the process of vetting your app and making sure it adheres to the carrier or OEMs regulations. Why? Because the #1 priority of our partners is their end user experience. Each partner has their own requirements and therefore reviewing apps takes a significant amount of operational bandwidth.

Approvals are done at the app level (using the package name in the Google Play URL). If the package name changes (or is submitted incorrectly), we will have to complete a new round of approvals.

Who are your partners?

We are a global company partnered with over 40 industry leaders. Together, we have put our software on more than 400 million devices and have delivered 3.6 billion apps globally across a wide array of devices.

With a strong presence in key regions, 70% of the top apps on the Google Play store work with us. Some of our top partners include Samsung, Verizon, Xiaomi, and AT&T.

Why would my app not be approved?

Again, the number 1 priority is ensuring we never preload an app that goes against our partners’ brand guidelines.

Prohibited Content:

  • Adult Oriented – Digital Turbine does not allow any applications that contain or promote sexually explicit content, such as pornography or adult services.
  • Violence – Digital Turbine does not allow applications that depict or facilitate violence or other dangerous activities.
  • Gambling Related – Digital Turbine does not allow applications that promote services that facilitate online gambling, online casinos, sports betting, lotteries or games of skill that offer prizes or cash or other value.
  • Illegal Activities – Digital Turbine does not allow any applications that encourage, facilitate or promote illegal activities.

Privacy and security:

  • User Data Digital Turbine requires that all applications be transparent in the collection of data about a user, the user’s use of applications as well as the device. 
  • Malicious Behaviour – Digital Turbine does not allow applications that secretly monitor, steal data or are otherwise malicious in behaviour. 


  • Digital Turbine has additional guidelines that must be adhered to in order for your application to be distributed. These are both technical and general business guidelines which must be followed. For a full list of content guidelines and rules, click here.  

How long should I expect this to take?

On average this process takes around 2 weeks, but due to seasonality and influx of demand it may take longer. When your app is approved, your campaign will go live and you will be notified. 

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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