How a Top Banking App Seamlessly Distributed Their App to Quality New Users

  • GOAL

    $4.75 New Mobile App User (Open)




    All Android Devices




Their goal is to make it easier for their clients to manage their financial lives as an extension of their daily digital activities. They see digital banking as a way to put the full power of the bank in their clients’ hands, allowing their mobile device to take on the role of a bank teller, an ATM or a financial advisor. This strategy obviously has many cost savings, but also user experience benefits.


How to seamlessly distribute their app to more potential users. With more than 20 million mobile banking users, and increasing mobile logins, their app distribution strategy is a key piece to their ongoing success.


In November 2018, the customer initiated a Native App Preload campaign to seamlessly place their app on newly activated devices. The initial beta spend started at $400k to validate the channel.

Over the following months, their customer acquisition and brand goals outperformed expectations by 2X. The customer more than doubled their spend a month, and in January the customer committed an annual budget of $6 M, with additional holidays budgets for Black Friday, Christmas and others.

The Results

Financial Industry Challenges The increasing ubiquity of smartphones has accelerated the rate of change within banking at a breathtaking pace. Digital Turbine has helped this top app navigate these changes.

  • Direct Verification of real device.
  • Direct Access to native placements
  • Direct Connections. No ad-tech hops.
  • Global Reach into hard to penetrate markets.

Customer acquisition and brand goals outperformed expectations by 2X.

how to become the top banking app
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