Lilith enjoys 72% lift in D7 ROI with DT Offer Wall

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Lilith has been running single reward Cost Per Engagement (CPE) campaigns on DT Offer Wall for several years, to great success. The CPE model, which is unique to the Offer Wall, enables UA marketers to pay only for installs that result in specific post-install events, defined by the advertiser. Looking to take their CPE campaigns to the next level, Lilith started testing our new offer type – Multi Reward, acquiring US-based users for their leading title – Rise of Kingdoms.


Multi Reward offers allow advertisers to create a more engaging experience for users acquired via DT Offer Wall. The advertiser sets up a user journey, consisting of various post-install actions that users must complete within the advertised app. As users make progress with the required actions, they earn incremental virtual currency rewards within the source app in which they first engaged with the Offer Wall.

Lilith’s user acquisition team received ongoing consultation from their DT Account Management team on how to optimize their Multi Reward user journey, while having complete control over the setup of Multi Reward offers, including the total value of the offer, the number of interim reward events, and reward value of each individual event.

Moreover, users that engaged with Lilith’s Multi Reward offers benefited from a revamped Offer Wall end-user experience that includes a new offer status page with a progress bar displaying the users’ accumulated rewards, number of tasks completed and days left to complete the offer.

These enhancements led more users to engage with the offer and follow through with completing deep post-install events that deliver positive ROAS. The well-structured user journey gave users more appetite to continue playing Rise of Kingdoms, increasing retention rates while decreasing Cost Per Install.

Seeing positive results, Lilith is planning to run Multi Reward offers in new geos.

The Results

  • 72% D7 ROI increase
  • 60% CPI decrease
  • 56% Retention rate uplift

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