Top Shopping App Grows Its App Users by 414%

  • Results

    414% ROI over the life of the campaign

  • Geos

    United States, EMEA, LATAM

  • Devices

    Mid-Level Android Devices

  • Ad Unit

    Dynamic Preload & Notifications


This top five fast-growing shopping app is vying to be the second or third, trillion-dollar-a-year marketplace using a combination of tech, advertising and discounting strategies. The app currently supports over one million merchant partners, 200 million products, and over 300 million users.

How to reach the right potential app users, at scale, and at a price point that fits with the marketing goals of this online discounted retailer. Knowing that their younger mobile saavy clientel engage with devices up to 10+ times per day, the company initiated a Dynamic Installs campaign across select devices.

Success KPIs

The customer initiated a Dynamic Installs campaign to seamlessly place their app on newly activated devices. The first contract was for a one month $50k test; then a gradual increase of $10k-$30k/day, with a total yearly budget of over $6M. Over the following months, they increased their spend to $50k per month and outperformed expectations by 4X.

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