Digital Turbine’s ZIP code-based targeting drives app installs for Uber and Lyft

Popular ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft are using Digital Turbine’s zip code geo-targeting capability to sponsor their apps on hot new devices with great success. This precise approach helped Uber gain 1.9 million app installations in specific cities it operates around the USA.

How to get your app discovered

In the ultracompetitive app economy, it’s challenging to stand out in cluttered app stores and online. But with smartphone users spending nearly three hours per day looking at their device, preloading your app on new devices gets it seen (and used) potentially hundreds of times per day

The opportunity to be ‘first-on-device’ for your app is an incredibly valuable tool for any business as it cuts through many of the barriers in getting your app seen.

Target users by ZIP code, like Uber and Lyft

While preloading helps promote your app, Digital Turbine clients can also dramatically increase effectiveness and affordability through very focused ZIP code-based targeting (also known as geo-targeting).

This precise method of targeting lets advertisers and app developers select specific ZIP codes, or designated market areas (DMAs), in addition to which carriers and devices are available for app preloads. Geo-targeting helps app developers grow their business quickly while spending ad dollars efficiently.

Since launch, Digital Turbine has delivered millions of app installs for app developers looking to target select Zip codes and DMAs. Advertisers and app developers, such as Uber and Lyft, have deployed creative campaigns ranging from 20 to 30 cities, to single city, Manhattan-only deployments. Region-specific advertisers also deployed successful campaigns ranging target audiences from high-end midwestern device users, to cost-conscience west coast device users. The bottom line is: flexible and affordable app targeting are available.

Want to target mobile users in specific locations?

In the app world , standing out is challenging. But preloaded apps leveraging ZIP code-based targeting provides a powerful and affordable way of getting your app adopted in locations you operate.

By choosing specific regions to roll out your app, you’ll save money that can be used in other ways, such as advertising your app with performance based campaigns. And you can always target your app to new locations as your business expands.

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