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On-Device Media: How Unico Studio grew their global user base by 25% month-over-month and exceeded KPIs by 40%

  • GOAL

    Grow user base and expand to more emerging markets


    Live in 50+ countries


    All Android Devices, Globally


    Preloads, Games Folder, App Wizard & Open Market


Unico Studio is a Silicon Valley based mobile studio behind several of the top brain and puzzle games in the market today. Some of their top titles include Brain Test, Brain Test 2, World Pearls, Word Voyage and Who Is? Their Brain Test apps alone have been downloaded by over 300M users as of January 2021 and their apps rank in the top 100 in over 10 different countries.

At Unico Studio, the main goal is to be able to reach all game players from all over the globe and to provide them an engaging and exciting gaming experience. Their apps are available in 19 different languages, and with the help of Digital Turbine they were able to expand their reach to over 50 different countries.


Unico Studio began working with Digital Turbine in August of 2020. The company goal is to get their games in the hands of users across the globe and they were struggling to reach some of the harder to penetrate global markets. At Digital Turbine, we have the scale and partnerships to help expand their global reach.

Unico Studio quickly realized that we brought in substantial global volume while staying within their KPI targets — something they were unable to find with other partnerships. Our solutions allowed Unico Studio to safely scale their users on a weekly basis and grow into geographies they were unable to reach previously.

Success Metrics

Top Strategic Partner

Digital Turbine is a top 5 strategic partner for Unico Studio,. Our direct to device platform helped them grow their users at scale and allowed them to penetrate hard to reach markets globally.

  • Direct Verification of real device.
  • Direct Access to native placements
  • Direct Connections. No ad-tech hops.
  • Global Reach into hard to penetrate markets.

Unico Studio saw 400% year over year growth as a result of using our platform.

Unico Studio grew global user base
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