Encyclopedia of Mobile Marketing Terminology

In-App Ads

(n) an advertisement displayed within a mobile phone application




  • The First Mobile Ad is Shared via SMS
  • First ever mobile advertising conference as a result


  • SMS becomes the newest mass media channel
  • Companies use text for loyalty and exclusive programs


  • Smartphone advertising begins with release of first iPhone
  • Mobile ads began as ugly and annoying

2010 – Present

  • Mobile Ads continue to evolve
  • New wave begins with first release of iPad


Better Opportunity to provide right app to right person at right time

  • Can narrow down focus of desired customer segment even more

More effective than Mobile web advertising

  • 84% of all smartphone time is spent in-app

Crazy growth

  • $42 billion market by 2018
  • $17 billion in app mobile spend by 2018

Enhanced by location data

  • Weather, local events, demographics, & more

More apps are trying to monetize with in-app ads

  • 75% of apps are free


Potential app deletion

Slower load times & lower quality

  • “Today’s digital consumer is smarter and wiser to advertising, and knows when they’re being manipulated. As mobile ad technology gets more sophisticated in reaching prospects, marketers will need to offer advertising that’s relevant, honest, entertaining & unobtrusive” – Bob Dorfman, Baker Street Advertising Creative Director


o “Stance Socks used playful movie imagery & creative captions to make its Star Wars character footwear come to life in a series of Instagram carousel and link ads. The memorable campaign engaged thousands of people and boosted the brand’s online sales and return on ad spend.”

In-App Ads