Encyclopedia of Mobile Marketing Terminology

Mobile Marketing

(n) “Any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network which consumers are connected using a mobile device” –Andreas Kaplan


o SMS & MMS Marketing

  • Began in early 2000s in efforts to send wanted & unwanted content

o Push Notifications

  • In 2007, First introduced to smartphones by Apple with release of iPhone 1 & later popularized by Android system

o App-based Marketing

  • With the development of the app store, much competition arose in efforts to increase the visibility of apps which would then result in direct engagement, payment, and targeted advertising

o In-game Mobile Marketing

  • Many brands have recently gone the route of delivering promotional messages within the games or sponsoring entire games to drive acquisition

o Location-based Services

  • Some cellular networks use location-based services to send customized advertising to cell phones based on their current location


o Ability to send & receive marketing messages instantly and rapidly

o Instantaneous tracking of user responses

o Allows for highly personalized marketing tactics

o The sharing economy allows for potential viral benefits with no extra work

o Helps the marketer reach a wide and diverse audience

o Quick and easy mobile payment is now offered

o Mobile marketing has a much lower CPM than other traditional marketing channels


o Privacy Concerns

  • With the rise of mobile marketing and consumer-driven data, many consumers feel violated by various personal mobile marketing tactics used to reach them

o Phone Limitations

  • Mobile marketing is limited to the screen size and software of the current smartphones
  • There is no standard, so marketing must fit different phones, software, screens, platforms, etc.