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The Winning UA Strategy Top Game Publishers Use to Find New Players

Looking for a way to LEVEL UP your UA strategy? Preloads will give you a new life.

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Report Highlights Include:

  • Chart 1: Gamers prefer preloads over other paid UA methods
  • Chart 2: Game Publishers use preloads 5x more than other app types
  • Chart 3: Preloads give game publishers a global scale solution
  • Chart 4: All game subcategories convert well with preloads
  • Chart 5: Preloads leads to OODLES of new players
  • Chart 6: Preloads fill a gap missed by using UA ads alone
Total Game Preloads by Region
Percent of Gamers who find Types of Game Discovery "Very Helpful"

This Report is Based on:

  • Active Users

  • Per Day

  • Per Month

  • New Devices Monthly

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