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6 Secrets About Preloads Known by Leading E-tail & E-delivery Brands

Looking to grow users for your retail and on-demand apps? These 6 secrets will show you how leading apps like Uber, DoorDash and Wish found success!

Find new users right when they are most likely to download — right after they purchase a new device.


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Report Highlights Include:

  • Secret 1: Preloads put your e-tail or e-delivery app on-device before the install frenzy ends.
  • Secret 2: Preloads are a sweet spot for consumers that are in-market for e-tail and e-delivery
  • Secret 3: Preloads target e-tail & e-delivery users who may no longer be active installers…
  • Secret 4: …and may be seasoned phone users whose install rates have declined
  • Secret 5: Preloads help e-tail & e-delivery apps target the highly desired millennial market
  • Secret 6: Leading e-tail & e-delivery apps know that preloads not only give you prime real estate but provide prime advertising leading up to the first shopping trip.
Leading E-tail & E-delivery Brands who use mobile preloads
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