APP-ortunity Awaits!

Fifty-five percent of mobile shoppers installed a new shopping app in the three months leading up to the holiday season. What did that mean for your growth opportunities for leading shopping apps? The first of its kind APP-ortunity Report for Shopping Apps attempts to answer that by going inside the consumer’s brain to give you insight on market awareness, favorability, and intent to install your app.



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Here’s A Sneak Peek…

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  • Where 18 Leading Shopping Apps Rank Among 4 APP-ortunity segments: Leaders, Climbers, Flagpoles, and Niche/Emerging Brands
  • How Many Consumers are “Likely To Install” Your App and Others in the next 3 months 
  • Net Favorability scores for your app and where it ranks among your competitors
  • Strategies for how to best capitalize on UA Growth no matter which APP-ortunity segment you fall into




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