APAC Beyond The Game Playbook 2021

2020 was a transformational year in so many ways, not least for gaming and esports. In APAC, we saw a 43% increase in consumers engaging daily with mobile games, and esports audiences saw a 157% increase over 2021. These changes were driven by the pandemic in the short term, but are part of a series of longer term trends towards digitalisation.

Digital Turbine’s AdColony APAC is 100% focused on connecting brands with consumers across gaming and esports. With this in mind, we have created this Beyond The Game Playbook, which helps explain where all the pieces fit together.

So whether you are a brand, agency or just want to understand more about this fast-growth ecosystem, this short read will hopefully demystify the gaming realm.

Get a copy of the Beyond The Game Playbook by completing the form on this page.

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