Case Study – User Acquisition with Faladdin & Adjust

Faladdin, the daily horoscope and tarot reading entertainment app, worked with Digital Turbine’s AdColony and our partner, global app marketing platform Adjust, who provided data accuracy for the app-install campaign to take the campaign to the next level.

Case Study Highlights

  • About the Campaign
    • Faladdin wanted to deliver its exciting and unique technology experience to more new users and chose Digital Turbine and Adjust for their UA campaign, allowing users to get hands-on with the new fortune technology.
  • How did the campaign work?
    • With the support of Adjust, Faladdin and AdColony were also able to optimize based on user sessions, daily and monthly active users, and post-install event data.
  • Why does it work?
    • Faladdin tracked the events it considers the most important indicators of high-quality users for them.

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