Gen Z Effects In Today's Digital World
For many years, millennials were in the spotlight for brands and marketers. But as the next demographic block comes of age and their buying power increases, Gen Z is becoming a focus for marketers. There are various definitions for this cohort, but generally, Gen Z includes all of those born after 1997. One thing’s for sure: they’re the consumers on everyone’s lips nowadays.  In this report, Digital Turbine is highlighting the most important differentiators and insights about this spotlighted generation, based on research conducted in partnership with Global Web Index. This report covers who Gen Z is, what drives and interests them, what they are doing in mobile environments, how strong their purchasing power is across different verticals, their behavior in mobile games compared to other generations, and how advertisers can reach them in the best possible way.  The report features seven sections for advertisers and marketers to keep in mind while building marketing and communication strategies for Gen Z and leveraging mobile advertising to engage their target audience. Table of Contents
  • Part 1 - Introduction to Gen Z
  • Part 2 - Purchasing Habits of Gen Z
  • Part 3 - Why Traditional Marketing is Non-Effective on Gen Z
  • Part 4 - Gen Z and Different Generations from a Mobile Gaming Perspective
  • Part 5 - Industry Analyses: How is Gen Z Differentiated?
  • Part 6 - Retention Culture for Gen Z: Can Brands Earn Loyalty?
  • Best Practices: Targeting Gen Z
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