How to Succeed in the Attention Economy

In a competitive digital advertisement environment where brands and marketers need to know and keep up each day with the highlighted practices for maintaining the audience’s attention, what should be pointed out is advertisements need to include an attractive context. To understand how consumers are engaging with mobile ads with greater ad attention and superior brand recall, Digital Turbine conducted research with GWI in six significant markets within the EMEA region.

The survey was developed by Digital Turbine and GWI and distributed online to internet users.  Digital Turbine, together with GWI, conducted research in six significant markets within the EMEA region: The United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia (KSA). This country mix is an excellent combination of established and growth markets and covers a wide range of demographics and cultures. Respondents’ age was between 16 to 55 and typically ranged from 35 to 44 with 27%, with a close gender split of 53% male and 47% female. The survey garnered a total of 650 respondents in the given regions in Q2, 2022.

Topics include:

  • Consumers’ Screen Behavior
  • Second Screening
  • Ad Engagement: The Right Creative & Accurate Engagement
  • Ad Attention Drivers & Ad Feature Importance
  • Length & Device Preference for Advertisements
  • Ad Preference & Offensive Content
  • Interactive Ad Engagement Likelihood, Ad Formats & Online Ad Retention Drivers
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