Leveraging the Power of Mobile in Apple's New Privacy Landscape
The growth curve of mobile games is perhaps the steepest it’s been since AdColony started life as mobile game developers ourselves in 2008. During a huge growth year for mobile games and gaming in general, midway through (June 2020), Apple announced changes to its identifier for advertisers (IDFA) that impact how advertisers execute their targeting, attribution, and more, as well as how developers monetize their apps moving forward. This ebook guide contains everything you need to know about Apple's privacy frameworks, whether you're a publisher, a UA marketer, or a brand advertiser including:
  • What exactly is Apple changing
  • How developers can shore up their revenue in the face of possible lower eCPMs
  • How advertisers can target audiences without the use of personal data
  • What impact this will have on the mobile web
  • What Apple really means when they say "No tracking!"
  • How AdColony's products and services are complying with Apple's requirements