The Mobile Marketers' Guide to Android & iOS

While Android and iOS share many common features there have been, over time, distinct differences that have shaped the user base of each platform. Changes in the addressabiltiy of both platforms over the past few years have also forced marketers to rethink their approach – or they should be if they aren’t already!

This comprehensive overview covers:

  • The Mobile OS Duopoly – Pepsi & Coca-Cola. Mastercard & Visa. Boeing & Airbus. Key differences between the two operating systems.
  • The Changing Advertiser POV – The iPhone was the darling of the ad Industry. Why?
  • New Challenges, New Opportunities – How the demographic profile shifted and how Apple made it near-impossible to target effectively
  • The Future of Mobile Media – Where we go from here and what you can do on android (that you can’t on iOS)

And much more!

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