Success Story: Papaya Gaming - Solitaire Cash & Bubble Cash

Solitaire Cash is where a true classic and real cash prizes meet, already grabbing the users with 4.7 ratings on App Store where users jump into a world of brain-teasing fun and leave with their heart filled with nostalgia and pockets filled with rewards.

Bubble Cash is the marriage between old-fashioned fun and the attention of users to new-fashioned cash prizes, which has drawn a 4.6 rating on App Store Mainly users pop into a realm of bursting colors and aim for flashy bubbles and glamour.

Papaya Gaming partnered with Digital Turbine and utilized DT’s impeccable ad technology to expand the user reach and to scale the install rates of Bubble Cash & Solitaire Cash games!

Case Study Highlights.

  • How did the campaign work?
    • In collaboration with Digital Turbine, Papaya Gaming aimed to increase its reach with an app install campaign in more than 40 states of the USA.
  • Why does it work?
    • Different custom Guided-Install units or End Cards that highlight elements of the games and allow players to interact with them several times were very efficient for these campaigns.
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