Vertical Advertising Guidelines 2021

The “Vertical Advertising Guidelines” report provides useful data and insights about well-executed and interactive vertical mobile video campaigns that AdColony served in 2020/2021. This report also highlights the tips of using vertical ads, the benefits of vertical ads, and the future of vertical ads from the perspective of AdColony’s impeccable products.

Report Highlights:

  • This report covers which ad format is the best fit for your brand to better reach your target audiences and to be a striking force in mobile advertising.
  • Provides insights from GlobalWebIndex research company about internet users’ time spent on different media channels in EMEA, LATAM, and North America
  • Tips for vertical video ads to provide ease of watching, fluent experience, and more creative asset variety.
  • Each brand has one unique goal while running mobile campaigns, and that is undoubtedly to capture their target audience’s attention and increase purchase intent but what should brands pay attention to while running vertical campaigns in order to improve the outcome?
  • 2021 Vertical Ads by Industries – A deep dive into what works best for industries by focusing on creative examples with the campaign results.
  • Comparison of app orientation – how audiences were impressed by vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) ads that are oriented inside the apps in AdColony’s inventory. 
  • In this report, you’ll find the best working executions as well as matching AdColony product offerings to shape vertical ads’ future!
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