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Truly Frictionless App Delivery and Discovery

Today's app discovery ecosystem is broken. Digital Turbine's mobile delivery platform makes it easier than ever for people to discover new apps, for operators and OEMs to build new revenue streams, and for advertisers to reach users at scale.

How it works

How it works

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For Operators & OEMs

Mobile Delivery Platform

Control your user's experience, increase revenue, and streamline delivery with our modular, scalable platform.

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For Advertisers and App Developers

App Advertising Platform

Reach more customers and build your brand with targeted, fraud-free advertising campaigns. Engagement opportunities span the life of the device!

More devices, more app installs, more active users.


Sponsored app installs, and counting

160 million+







1.9 million new users

Our geo-targeted preloads gained Lyft more than 1.9 million customers.

Popular ride-sharing company, Lyft, is using Digital Turbine’s zip code geo-targeting capability to sponsor their app on hot new devices with great success.

Join our global team.

Digital Turbine is headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in Durham, Mumbai, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, and Tel Aviv. We are passionate about delivering the right content to the right person at the right time, on all devices.

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DigitalTurbine • 6 hours ago

The Digital Turbine team will be attending #MWC19 Los Angeles tomorrow. Send us a message to schedule a meeting and…

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DigitalTurbine • 7 hours ago

Cut through the noise. Place your app directly in the hands of new users with frictionless native advertising. Lear…

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DigitalTurbine • 7 hours ago

As a Senior Product Manager you will handle a suite of user facing features for our Mobile Delivery Platform. Apply…


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