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DT’S Monetization and Growth Suites is the complete mobile success toolkit. Programmatic demand, transparent mediation, and SingleTap-boosted UA campaigns. It’s simplicity and high impact results, combined.
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Whether you're ready to grow your user base, your revenue, or both, DT has you covered with the best technology and people behind it. Get ready to accelerate your mobile results with us.

DT Monetization
Providing mobile publishers with flexible and transparent solutions for real-time mediation, award-winning brand and programmatic marketplace demand, and innovative revenue solutions.
DT Growth
Giving UA marketers solutions that drive app installs across multiple channels by making it easy for advertisers to engage consumers with the highest impact mobile consumer experiences.
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DT Monetization
Revenue tools built on transparency and trust, with app developers put first, with top performance and diversity of demand.
Award-Winning Demand
Combining the power of programmatic DSP connections and managed brand with bespoke user experiences.
DT FairBid
A next-generation mediation layer built from the ground up for transparency and revenue optimization.
DT Offer Wall
A non-intrusive extension of your app economy, monetizing non-payers while growing revenue and LTV.
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