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DT’s solutions for app developers reduces obstacles in finding high quality users your app needs to thrive. It's simplicity and high impact results, combined.
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Whether you're ready to grow your user base, your revenue, or both, DT has you covered with the best technology and people behind it. Get ready to accelerate your mobile results with us.

Take Your App to the Next Level
3 Solutions That Break the Mold to Grow Your App and Then Some
Monetization Solutions
Best-in-class Mediation, Exchange and Offer Wall, built to deliver in-app revenue with transparency and control.
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UA Solutions
High-impact consumer experiences provide UA marketers with multiple solutions for increased app installs.
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Premium placement and alternative incremental distribution of apps and games through store-like experiences.
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Monetization Solutions
Grow revenue with high levels of transparency, execution, and diversity of demand.
DT Exchange
Leading monetization platform hits the balance between high eCPMs and positive user experience across all ad formats, connecting your app to performance and brand demand.
DT FairBid
A transparent, revenue-optimized mediation. Simple auction mechanics with real-time, guaranteed bids from ad networks & DSPs. A unified auction where highest bid wins.
DT Offer Wall
A non-intrusive rewarded ad format that allows you to monetize your entire user base, complementing your IAP revenue with seamless integration into your app economy.
UA Solutions
Unique touch-points and discovery experiences throughout the user journey.
DT On-Device
Our On-Device UA solutions utilize exclusive proprietary technology to grow your user base.
Built for in-app programmatic growth through SDK-direct Integrations and unique SingleTap™ technology.
DT Offer Wall
Direct access to loyal and engaged users in a non-intrusive format.
DT Hub
Unlock incremental distribution of your apps and games through premium placement on leading carrier devices.
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