2023: The Year of Attention

Mobile advertisers should have one goal for 2023: become the center of “attention”. The world around us has given consumers a lot to think about this coming year. Just take a look at 2023 prediction pieces and you’ll see the common themes.

The pandemic is ending, so we’re ready to get back to fun! But wait, the economy is uncertain, so let’s be extra careful about what we spend. And ugh…  privacy, I thought that was SO 2022. But it’s here again…  oh look, here’s this cute little TikTok with a dog. 

As you can see, we are skeptical yet easily distracted. We are pleasure seeking yet judicious. These competing mindsets create a challenge for mobile advertisers, and there is one way to solve it….  Attention, please.

  1. Draw Attention - TikTok isn’t the only thing distracting us. We’re distracted by the whole world around us. And on our screens alone, we see thousands of ads a day. Putting an ad on a page isn’t enough. You need to draw attention away from all the other competing forces - on the screen and in real life - to the story you want to tell. 
  1. Capture Attention - As skeptical and judicious consumers, we are careful about how we invest our time. And we’ll also be influenced by colors, images, and words designed to distract us away. Brand trust can go a long way to further engagement beyond a glance. Multiple forms of brand touches throughout the mobile experience can help capture attention when the time is right.
  1. Hold Attention - Phones still are our go-to when bored. We’re looking to them to entertain us. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll jump right into long videos that are designed to sell us something. Tell us a story. Creativity and motion can captivate consumers and allow you to hold their attention for longer periods of time.
  1. Pay Attention - New metrics around campaign success attribution certainly will play a role in this upcoming year, but measuring attention is still an emerging science. In the meantime, advertisers will want to pay attention to their data and find what’s really driving true results - brand recall, user growth, and revenue. 

While advertisers in 2023 face uncertain headwinds, focusing on attention will be a key path to success. 

Want to find out how Digital Turbine can help you be the center of “Attention” in 2023? Contact us today!

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