5 Reasons to Get Your App on Devices Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Could you imagine how much more difficult life in lockdown during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic would be without your smartphone? They keep us connected to our friends, family and work colleagues, helping us stay productive, entertained and safe during these long and difficult days. We love our mobile devices, they’ve always been useful — now it seems (and we always knew this) they are truly indispensable.When a device is so important to everyday life, it should be obvious why you shouldn’t leave the discovery of your app to chance. In the coming days, weeks and potentially months ahead, new and previously undiscovered apps are going to change people’s lives. It could be yours but only if you take action to ensure your app reaches the right people at the right time.Still need convincing? We created the following infographic to highlight: 5 Reasons to Get Your App on Devices Now. You can download the full infographic here.1. Phone Usage Booms: According to Verizon, phone usage has gone crazy since we went into lockdown. The mobile network is reporting upwards of 9 billion text messages being sent every day, 800 million voice calls (that’s twice the amount of calls than on the average Mother’s Day – and who doesn’t call their mother then?), and a 33% increase in call duration (makes you wonder what people are speaking about — what have you been doing today?).2. Time Spent Ramps: App Annie is reporting that people are spending 20% more time in apps and games since the lockdown started. With so much more time on our hands (no commutes into the office or school runs are freeing up countless extra hours in our days) we demand to be entertained or at the very least distracted from the news. There’s no better place for this to happen than on your smartphone.3. App Discovery Increases: App Annie has also highlighted the apps we are all flocking to in our masses while stuck at home. Big winners include Disney+ which launched across European markets on March 24th, Zoom Cloud Meetings which has long been a favorite of the business community but has since turned into a household name, and Houseparty which has totally exploded onto the social scene.4. App Spend Rises: TechCrunch reports that consumers spent a record $23.4 billion on apps in Q1, 2020. This represents a 20% year-on-year increase which is largely attributed to people using apps to do their shopping, manage their finances, find indoor exercise programs, work from home and stay entertained.5. Gaming Apps Win Big: AdColony highlights a massive increase in the usage of gaming apps during this period of lockdown, citing a 75% spike. Interestingly, card, word, and board game categories have seen the largest increase in downloads (20%, 14%, and 13% respectively), suggesting that gamers are looking to exercise their minds as much as their thumbs.Learn MoreTo learn more about how Digital Turbine can help your app can stand out from the crowd and reach a receptive audience during this unprecedented time in history, contact us today and ask to speak with one of our app marketing experts.

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