Exploring Mobile App Habits: Why Brand Matters

Dec 08, 2022
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Recently we released our 2022 Mobile App Habit report, which explored how mobile gamers used their phones beyond games – giving data on their behavior, motivations, and tendencies. Over the next few weeks, we’ll dig deeper into some of these habits. 

What influences an app install? Mobile advertisers are constantly in search of the secret ingredient to get people to download their app in droves – utilizing tactics like placing ads, getting featured in the app store, driving SEO, or finding influencers. 

But while marketers see some success from these tactics, the number 1 reason given for downloading an app, as shown in the figure to the left, is that it’s from a trusted brand.

The problem, of course, is that building brand trust doesn’t happen overnight. 

People trust apps when they have something positive to associate it with. And while reviews, similar app usage, and privacy assurances help – the top two reasons why someone will trust your app is through previous experience and brand image.

And that’s where the dilemma lies. You need people to experience your app to trust your brand. But without trusting your brand they won’t use your app! 

So what’s a mobile advertiser to do? Well, here are four advertising strategies that can help build your brand even before someone has clicked “Install”: 

  1. 1. Get Their Attention – With 10,000 ads per day coming at consumers on their mobile device, advertisers need to seek ways to grab their attention. DT Creative Labs use sight, sound, messaging, and more to get ads to rise above the fray.
  1. 2. Have Them Before They Buy – Lots of brands have freemium offers that allow people to taste test an app prior to indulging. DT’s suite of on-device solutions offers a similar value to brand advertisers – giving consumers glimpses of your brand and app before they dive in. 
  1. 3. Just Be There – One benefit to being on-device is that it gives exposure to your brand while people naturally use the device. Even more powerfully, you can recommend your app to desired users through DT’s Apps Hub. The more they see your brand in positive ways, the more your brand image will grow before they even use your app!
  1. 4. Get Them When They’re Hot – New device owners don’t only have an itch for new tech – they’re on the lookout for new apps! Research shows that in the 3 months after getting a new phone, consumers are 3 times more likely to download an app! By using Dynamic Preloads and DT’s App Select, you can target these new phone owners who are hot to download new apps! 

Mobile advertisers need to think beyond just conversion to have an effective marketing strategy. A full-funnel approach that builds brand awareness as well as conversions will pay massive dividends over time. Contact Digital Turbine today to learn how we can help build your brand into one that people want to download! 

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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