Ad Preference, Mobile Usage, and More During The Big Game

Jan 25, 2022
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

With the new year fully in swing and the pandemic still prevalent in everyday life, many people are looking forward to an exciting distraction, in the form of one of the biggest sporting events of the year — Super Bowl LVI. The game is taking place on February 13, 2022 at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles this year, and it will certainly look different than last year as fans will be cheering in the stadium for their favorite teams.

Though some brands chose not to run ads during The Big Game last year, ad space for Super Bowl LVI was close to sold out as early as July 2021, as noted in Campaign US. Even with recent pandemic concerns, brands such as Rakuten, Frito-Lay, Nissan, and many more are holding on to their commercial space and ready to make a big splash. Last year, consumers looked to their mobile devices for fun and information during the game, and this year is no different. Super Bowl viewers were surveyed about their plans for the game, how they will use mobile devices while watching, and their interest and preferences for ads during the game. Read on for highlights from the Big Game Survey and scroll down to see the infographic!

Highlights from the Study

Big Game viewers will span all age groups and genders. — People from 18 to over 65 will be watching the game this year, and viewers will be slightly more female (56%) than male (43%).

Viewers are likely to watch the game live on TV. — 68% of viewers will watch the game on Broadcast TV, followed by Connected TV at 27%, and mobile devices at 10% with 90% of viewers watching the game live (as opposed to streaming it later that day or week).

Big Game viewers will look to multiple devices to stay up-to-date with the game. — When it comes to keeping up with the game this year, 59% of viewers think it’s important to keep up with the game on multiple devices, including television, smartphone, laptop, etc. — a 16% increase from last year. To keep up with stats/content from the game, 36% will look to a mobile device for information.

A quarter of viewers will download sports-related apps before the game. — Before The Big Game, viewers will consider downloading sports apps such as the ESPN, NFL, or Fox Sports app. During the game, viewers will use their mobile devices to text (47%), use social media (43%), order food for delivery (25%), and play mobile games (25%).

Ads play a big role in The Big Game experience. — 85% of viewers are interested in the ads played during the game, and 51% are likely to look up an ad that aired during the game and watch it again.

Funny ads are still most preferred. — When it comes to ads during The Big Game, 84% prefer funny ads, similarly to last year. Following that, viewers are looking for emotional/heartwarming ads (36%), celebrity cameo (29%), and least of all, political/social ads (12%).

Don’t forget to click the infographic to see it full screen and download!

About the Study

This survey was distributed throughout the U.S. and garnered over 200 responses. It asked consumers ranging from 18 years old to over 65 about their behaviors, viewership frequency, and device usage related to The Big Game.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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