How Consumers are Planning to Shop on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Oct 26, 2022
By: Arda Guner

The biggest event of the year for both shoppers and retailers is just around the corner! This year’s Black Friday will be on November 25th, and Cyber Monday will be three days later, on November 28th, which means we are less than a month away from the year’s most anticipated shopping days. This time of the year has brands and advertisers asking questions like will consumers intend to shop online more this year, what kind of devices will be used while shopping online, and which products will attract the most interest. Good news! Digital Turbine collaborated with GWI to answer these questions and clarify consumers’ shopping preferences, purchase intentions, approaches to mobile ads, and the frequency of their mobile gaming activities. 

Let’s dive into consumers’ shopping preferences in EMEA and LATAM regions on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to check out the highlights and be sure to download the infographics for each country!

Survey Highlights


When we break demographics down by age and gender in France, not surprisingly the majority of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers are females with 53%. But no one can say that men are not shopping in this discount-centric perio with 47% of them planning to shop during these days. When we look at the age ratios, consumers of all ages will be shopping during this period where the 25-34 age group is among those who will shop the most with 34%.

United Kingdom

When we asked about their gaming habits, all respondents from the United Kingdom stated that they play mobile games, while only 31% and 42% stated that they prefer PC/Laptop and game consoles respectively. Another important highlight here is how frequently they  play mobile games;41% of consumers stated that they play mobile games multiple times a day!


We were also very curious about which day shoppers prefer to shop the most during this season. 74% of respondents from Germany say they are likely to shop on Black Friday while 48% of them plan to shop on Cyber Monday. No one can deny that mobile will play a big role in consumers’ shopping journey but are they going to use brand/retail websites or in-app stores? 49% of German consumers prefer in-app for their online shopping! 


According to survey results,  Turkish consumers are highly motivated to shop online via their smartphones for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales! 64% of them stated they prefer to use mobile apps on their online shopping journey. Another interesting insight is that while 91% of consumers only prefer their smartphones when shopping online, 80% of consumers stated that they use their smartphones at least once a week to shop online.


When we asked why consumers prefer to shop online from their mobile devices instead of desktops, 71% of respondents said because it’s a very quick process, 66% said it is easy to use, 55% said it feels more secure than desktops, and 47% of respondents said they would love to have a good user experience while shopping online. These stats show that mobile is at the top in every sense.

The United Arab Emirates

Mobile apps’ easy payment process to purchase a product/service at any time makes them one step ahead of the competition. 59% of UAE consumers stated that an easy payment method, 22% said a simple easy-to-use app, 21% said an experience similar to desktop, and 10% said access to exclusive coupons are their main priorities when shopping from their mobile devices.


Mobile is capable of influencing consumers’ shopping behaviors through video ads where consumers can have a one-to-one interaction with the brand and product itself. While 74% of consumers in LATAM said they prefer video ad formats during this important season, 47% of respondents stated their purchasing intention is heavily influenced by the ad.  

Check out the full infographics below. Click on it to view/download the full-size version, and keep an eye out for our upcoming regional breakdowns!

About the Study

Digital Turbine partnered with GWI to conduct in-depth research across the EMEA & LATAM regions. The study’s purpose was to get to know users’ shopping preferences, purchase intentions, approaches to mobile ads, and the frequency of their mobile gaming activities during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday period.

By Arda Guner
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