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Under The Microscope: Mobile Gaming in Latin America

Mobile gaming usage grew exponentially in the past year, and that growth is only set to continue to rise in Latin America and countries all over the world. But as brands look to reach consumers in environments where they are happy and receptive to marketing, like in mobile games, advertisers must understand the unique behaviors and preferences of consumers from different regions and construct tailored campaigns that will have the most impact with their target audience. Digital Turbine surveyed mobile gamers around the world to better understand their digital behavior, and this week we’re learning about mobile gamers in Latin America!

Consumers in Latin America look to mobile gaming for fun, entertainment, and more, and the number of consumers gaming will only continue to rise. According to, there were 131 million mobile gamers in Latin America in 2019. This year, that number jumped to 155 million users, and it is expected that there will be nearly 172 million mobile gamers in 2025 in Latin America. More consumers are gaming in Latin America, and with this growth in gaming, there is also an increase in revenue. In Latin America, the most revenue from gaming came from mobile devices, as noted in In 2020, 46% of gaming revenue came from mobile devices, followed by console at 28% and PC at 26%. Revenue from mobile gaming was over 2 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 in Latin America. Learn more about this growing mobile gaming market in this edition of Under the Microscope!

Highlights from Latin America
  • 68% of Latin American adults are playing mobile games.
  • Latin American mobile gamers spent more than 4.5 hours on their mobile devices in a day.
  • Favorite gaming genres include Action/Adventure, Sports, and Racing.
  • Top personal interests are films/cinema, music, and technology.
  • What are they doing while watching TV? Using social media (81%), messaging friends (71%), reading my emails (58%), and playing games (41%).

Check out the infographic for more great insights into mobile gamers in Latin America below. Click the image for a full-size version!


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