World Cup Viewers’ Preferences – Europe

Sep 21, 2022
By: Arda Guner

The World Cup is one of the most-watched events across Europe, where the feeling of bonding, excitement, disappointment, and pride are merged in a short period of time. Especially since France was the winner in 2018, it seems to be extremely followed by European countries, and this year is no different! While all viewers can’t wait to watch the games through their various screens, the biggest question for brands is how to engage with this audience through certain channels. So, in this research, we covered how mobile will play a key role in viewers’ watching experience during the games. 

As this major media-centric event is around the corner, Digital Turbine surveyed viewers from around Europe to sort out screen behaviors, device preferences, and time spent on apps during this term. 

French World Cup Viewers

When we break demographics down by age and gender in France, surprisingly females will be the majority with 51%, breaking the perception that only men watch football. When we look at the age ratios, viewers of all ages will follow the World Cup. The 25-34 age group is among those who will follow the most with 42%.

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United Kingdom World Cup Highlights

The UK actually has four potential teams in any World Cup: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, however only England lifted the trophy: as host nation in 1966 (as any England fan will remind you, a bit glumly perhaps).

When it comes to screen preferences, big screens still remain the first for watching the World Cup — 70% of viewers in the UK stated they will follow up on the games via TV broadcast. 

But there’s no doubt that mobile apps are strong contenders in terms of having full game content! 

That being said, the research results show that 60% of viewers stated they regularly use sports apps related to a TV/streaming channel followed by 32% on web apps and 15% on mobile-first platforms.

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Germany World Cup Viewers

Having won four World Cups (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014) in history, German viewers are eagerly waiting to watch the games this year. When we asked viewers about their mobile behaviors during the World Cup, 64% said it is essential for them to keep up with the World Cup on multiple devices, and 47% of them stated that they will use their smartphones to order food delivery.

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Turkish World Cup Viewers

Even though Turkey, unfortunately, did not qualify for the World Cup this year, it proves in every sense that it is a football country with its fanatical fan groups. When we asked where they will  spend their time in terms of mobile apps during the World Cup, most of them said on social media and sports mobile gaming apps. 

Another important thing highlighted in Turkey’s survey is that 91% of Turkish World Cup viewers are likely to consider buying a product that they have seen advertised. Considering the rise of the mobile game industry and mobile players in Turkey in recent years, in-game ads for brands may be the best way to capture their target audience.

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Spanish World Cup Viewers

For Spain, football is more than just a sport, we all know that. The fact that most of the players who will play in the World Cup are playing in La Liga should also be exciting for the viewers in Spain. When we asked about viewers’ ad preferences that they are exposed to during the World Cup period, 53% of them said they are likely to look up an ad and watch it again.

Besides that, viewers expect funny ads from brands. 61% of them stated that they want to see funny ads during the World Cup. When it comes to product buying behaviors, 68% of them said they will consider buying an advertised product after seeing the ad that same day or 2-3 days later.

To view the full infographic about Spain, click here

As a result of the Europe research, the World Cup period seems to be creating huge targeting options across the mobile channels for advertisers and brands that also could enable them to increase their product sales or brand awareness. A more detailed picture is that viewers are open to engaging and buying a product that they have seen advertised if the ad is funny and provides creativity.

Check out the full infographics below! Click on it to view/download the full-size version, and keep an eye out for our upcoming regional breakdowns!

By Arda Guner
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