How Brands Can Take Advantage of the B.I.G. Opportunity

Last week, we unveiled our latest edition of the BRAG Index which focuses on the B.I.G. (Brands In Game) Opportunity. Our in-depth analysis not only delves into mobile gaming’s vast and diverse audience but also highlights brands across several verticals that are in prime position to reach and connect with this audience. Here are just some of the brands featured in the report poised to capitalize on the immense impact of mobile gaming:

Alcoholic Beverage Spotlight: Corona

With 54% of mobile gamers indulging in alcohol monthly, mobile games is an excellent place for alcohol brands of all kinds to advertise. Corona, for example, dominates our leaderboard across the top four game subgenres (Word, Puzzle, Card, and Action) indicating a high affinity among all types of gamers. With such broad appeal on this platform, Corona has the opportunity to engage directly with its existing customer base and encourage repeat usage. Not taking advantage of this leaves the door open for rivals like Heineken and Stella Artois who are also popular among gamers and can sway consumers with similar products and promotions.

B.I.G. Strategy: Retain Customers and Protect Market Share

QSR Spotlight: Taco Bell

Mobile gamers are avid QSR-goers with 46% visiting weekly. One QSR brand that can gain visibility in games is Taco Bell. While Taco Bell fans are overindexed in mobile games, they hover in the middle range on some genre leaderboards. By leveraging this platform, Taco Bell can not only foster customer loyalty but also sway consumers from rival brands like Chipotle and Wendy’s by being top of mind when mobile gamers are looking to satisfy their cravings.

B.I.G. Strategy: Foster Customer Loyalty and Drive Conversions

Retail Spotlight: Nordstrom

While they love to play on mobile, gamers still love to shop in-store. This audience overindexes on retailers both affordable and high-end. As a leader among our brick and mortar rankings, Nordstrom can get return shoppers by offering product promotions and advertising sales events. Competitors like Macy’s and Sephora make index lower but still appeal to many mobile gamers. All of these retailers have the chance to reach their audience in games to maintain market share and grow brand loyalty. 

B.I.G. Strategy: Maintain Market Share and Increase Repeat Purchases

No matter the vertical, advertisers of all kinds have the potential to connect with a diverse and engaged audience in mobile games. By strategically leveraging this platform, brands can not only reinforce brand loyalty but also attract new customers, ensuring success in an ever-evolving mobile landscape. As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow, the opportunities for brands to thrive within this space are endless.

What other brands can take advantage of the brand in games opportunity? Check out the full report!

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