Introducing the New Digital Turbine

Better and bolder. That’s what Digital Turbine strives to be, and with a new look and feel, that’s what we want to reflect. As the best blend of tech, processes, and people, we don’t want to just deliver better results to our clients and partners. We want to break barriers. Through better mobile experiences. Through smarter engagement. Through high-impact revenue opportunities. And through connecting our partners to more customers, in more ways, across more devices.The last 18 months have been an evolution for us. Or maybe a revolution. Through acquisition and innovation, we’ve completed the next step in Digital Turbine’s ultimate journey – now delivering even greater value via our end-to-end mobile growth and monetization platform.Our new identity isn’t just a different look and feel but the pinnacle of a vision we’ve had since before our acquisitions. And thanks to the shared commitment of amazing people across multiple companies, we’ve now become ONE amazing team.You’ll see how we’ve created an independent platform. How we ensure our clients and partners are the beneficiaries of our tremendous value by not competing against them with our own offerings. And how we’ve created solutions that not only engage the consumer but truly improve their mobile lives.Put simply; we want to be better and bolder… for everyone.

Bolder for Publishers

Digital Turbine Monetization provides trust and comfort through flexible and transparent solutions - all with human account managers. We strive to eliminate the black boxes that cloud results. Our real-time mediation, award-winning brand and programmatic marketplace demand, and innovative revenue solutions bring publishers the peace of mind needed for growth.Our demand comes from the DT Exchange. We combine programmatic demand from leading DSPs with direct campaigns from top app developers and global advertisers like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Ford Motor Company. Available in the video, display, and playable formats, our expansive demand is mediated fairly and transparently with DT FairBid, our next-gen mediation platform.DT Offer Wall is another opt-in user-friendly monetization option. It unlocks an incremental revenue opportunity for publishers while ensuring they can control the type, content, and genre of the offers. End-users enjoy the choice and value of completing curated offers from DT partners in exchange for virtual rewards that increase app engagement and retention.

Bolder for Telecom

Digital Turbine’s Ignite Platform sparks customer engagement and bottom-line revenues. We create monetizable user experiences that also delight subscribers. Our app and content discovery solutions turn telco subscribers into fans by providing top-level mobile experiences that speak to their passions.We’ll provide plenty of revenue, but it’s not just about that. We want to engage subscribers in smart and helpful ways. That’s why we provide opportunities throughout the device lifecycle for them to discover the apps and content they love. For apps, subscribers enjoy a ready-made-phone loaded with their favorite apps, or they can customize it to their liking by grabbing apps on-demand or through a curated selection. For content, they’ll get the media that matters to them through seamless touchpoints and immersive portals.All this keeps subscribers loyal, but that’s not the only benefit. While subscribers enjoy great discovery experiences, telcos will earn next-level business growth. SingleTap monetization will significantly increase conversion rates AND provide earned revenue for telcos with every app install. The end result is solutions that maximize revenue and the user experience.And that’s just the beginning. Our telco solutions also drive opportunities for advertisers, brands, and agencies to grow their mobile presence.

Bolder for Performance Advertisers

Digital Turbine’s Growth Suite combines simplicity with high-impact performance campaigns. We give app developers and performance marketers access to a multi-channel UA engine with a footprint larger than any ad network outside of Google. Our solutions take the complexity out of UA marketing and drive proven app install results.Our scale comes from the combination of our core inventories across chart-topping apps and millions of devices globally. We’re unique in our ability to offer first-day and every day UA opportunities through our telco partnerships and app integrations. With access to the newest and hottest devices and apps, we power seamless app discovery through premium on-device access to 800M devices globally and targeted in-app advertising with over 80,000 SDK integrations.Combined with our monetization solutions, Digital Turbine can truly create the ultimate balance of success and accelerate growth and revenue together.

Bolder for Brands & Agencies

Digital Turbine’s Reach Suite expands the boundaries of mobile creative. Through innovation and a massive reach, we take mobile experiences to the next level. Our solutions extend creative output and combine it with our massive in-app and on-device reach, letting brands and agencies campaign BIGGER without growing in-house resources.Whether starting from scratch or optimizing existing creative, we use the power of sight, sound, and motion to bring awesome campaigns to mobile life. Combining a large in-app inventory with our existing telco partnerships that give us access to millions of devices, we open a world of opportunities to reach brand and agency goals.The individuals and teams that have always been part of our client’s success are now part of our award-winning DT Creative Labs team. We remain committed to building the best mobile ad experiences and helping go above and beyond KPIs.

Bolder For Everyone

Digital Turbine’s collective solutions deliver tremendous value on their own. But it's the combination of them that delivers unprecedented scale, execution, and efficiency. The synergies created through our integrations drive key value differentiators for our clients and partners:

  • An unparalleled mix of brand and app install demand
  • Massive scale of on-device and in-app advertising opportunities
  • Trusted, telecom-grade technology built for performance and transparency

It’s through these differentiators that we believe we can truly connect our partners to more customers, in more ways, and across more devices. Our new identity is a reflection of this belief. We hope you take a closer look at who we’ve become.

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Introducing the New Digital Turbine

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