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Mobile Matter Chatter Vol 2: Our Mobile Explorers’ New Year’s Resolutions

Happy Mobile New Year! The Mobile Matter Chatter is the only place where industry thought leadership is captured in gif form. We throw our experts in a chat room, only armed with their wit and all the gifs on the internet to give their insight on the topics that matter. And since a picture means a thousand words, we keep it visual and fun. 

For today’s chatter, we’ve asked some of our formal Mobile Explorers to give their thoughts on what awaits UA Marketers in 2022. Our Explorers are:

Alan Chapell, President of Chapell & Associates

Marian Bucher, Sr App Growth Manager at OTTO

Yaron Bartal, VP of Growth at SciPlay

James Douglas, SVP of Performance Marketing at Publicis Media

Erkay Uzun, CEO at Unico Studio

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