3 Reasons Why We’re Psyched About AppsFlyer’s Performance Index

Mar 29, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Have you seen AppsFlyer’s performance index yet? It’s 12th edition analyzes 580 media sources, 16,000 apps, and 29 billion installs to determine the best media sources in mobile advertising. And while it’s chock full of quality insights, it was our ranking in their Growth Index really caught our eye. I’ll cut right to the chase – if this was March Madness, we’d be the top seed! 

That’s right, Digital Turbine ranked 1st with a “690% surge in the share of the app install pie”. That’s more than double the growth of the number 2 ranked media source! And while being #1 is great, our ranking really gives us 3 reasons why we still think the best is yet to come.

  • Our Growth Means YOUR Growth. Our daily passion is helping our partners grow their app users. So if we’re doing great – it means they must be too. And we’ve totally seen that with plenty of our partners, like Amanotes, Playtika, Product Madness, and more!
  • We’ve Gone Global! As AppFlyer notes, we “ranked 1st in the Growth Index in no less than 3 regions: North America, Latin America, and Western Europe”. But that’s not all. We were #2 in the Middle East, India and Eastern Europe and #3 in Africa. It’s a great validation of the universal appeal of our solutions that it’s keyed growth for apps all around the world.
  • Frictionless is Fabulous. Our SingleTap solution, where users “don’t have to go through the app stores to download” was noted as being key to increasing conversion rates. And while we’ve always felt that removing friction for the consumer was critical, Forbes recently put it more succinctly for us: “Removing Friction to Rocket Revenues”.

With people becoming less willing to find apps through the app store, brands have been looking for new, innovative ways to reach users. We are proud to be part of what we see as a major shift in user acquisition. Looking forward to more growth to come! 

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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