4 Ways to Recognize a Good Mobile Tracking Partner

Aug 01, 2016
By: Mimi Torrington

Having a mobile partner that is both experienced and effective is essential to marketing your products in the highly competitive business landscape. Here are the top four ways to recognize a good mobile tracking partner.

Can Your Tracking Partner Work Within Your Metrics?

In order for tracking to have the desired effect, you must track the right metrics for your company. You may be trying to reduce supply side costs, or you may need the ability to follow a certain demographic that corresponds with your buyer profile. Your tracking partner needs to be on the same page as you and provide analytics for the metrics that are actually important to you.

Can Your Tracking Partner Identify Target Rich Apps/Websites?

Do the metrics that your mobile tracking partner is coming up with include the websites that generate the most valuable users? If you do not know how your leads got into your pipeline, then it can be difficult to justify the use of that particular tracking partner. Pick one with the ability to find the sources of your digital life.

Can Your Tracking Partner Provide Dedicated Account Management?

Your mobile tracking account manager should be busy, but not to the point that you are put on the backburner when you have inevitable technical problems. Dedicated account management also has a great deal to do with knowing the app structure of a client, the account history and future goals of the client and expertise with the technology itself.

Can Your Tracking Partner Weed Out Fraud?

Fraud abatement is an essential component in gathering good analytics to study for future campaigns. It is also a wonderful tool for the campaign currently in motion, because a real time feedback mechanism can help to direct campaign traffic into a targeted space. This means that client goals are met with more efficiency and only qualified traffic actually makes it through into the impression and install stages.

Having a good mobile tracking partner ensures the integrity of your campaign. If you are beginning to identify holes in your campaign, take the time to outsource this properly instead of trying to take all of the security and logistics on by yourself. A great mobile tracking partner will allow you to focus on your core values while improving everything around it, so don’t stop until you have the right partner by your side!

By Mimi Torrington
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