Agencies and The Myth of Mobile First

May 22, 2017
By: Marissa Camilli

There’s no Don Draper of the mobile ad world; it’s all algorithms, programmatic and eCPIs. This lack of innovation has led to the duopoly in mobile advertising we see today. Google is first on the team sheet when picking a user acquisition strategy, while Facebook, the world’s most popular app, is also the go-to app for app distribution. As the coffee was brewing, we were all napping so to speak. Wake up: with a projected spend of $32bn in the US this year, mobile is now too big for just two. App developers, brands and agencies are looking for new ways to reach customers and get their app directly in the hands of new users. A new paradigm “think app first” is underway that removes the friction of getting your app directly into the hands of new users.

There is no doubt that apps are an integral part of our lives. Across work, travel, entertainment and communication, there’s an app for it. There are even apps for when you sleep! But in such a fiercely competitive space, how do apps stand out? The default setting is to go to the Big Two. That said, there is another way to drive user acquisition: native app preloads. Now, I’m not a fan of buzzwords; no sooner is one coined in digital than it becomes obsolete. Yet what could be more native than preloading apps onto the home screen of a smartphone at first boot? Would this give us: an engaged user? – Check; Exposure? – Check!

App developers and advertising agencies recognize the importance of native in user acquisition. The fact that Facebook achieves $5bn in quarterly earnings shows that digital marketers have a thirst for native ad units. Digital Turbine’s native app preloads are the game changer. Digital Turbine’s Ignite technology enable operators to place apps on the home screen of Android smartphones at the time of activation. As a highly responsive channel – engagement rates are between 25-30% in the first 30 days – native app preloads should be the first squad member picked for app distribution. There are no bots. There is no fraud. Customers are new and highly engaged. Digital Turbine’s app distribution solution is simple and effective.

M-commerce isn’t just here to stay; it’s about to explode. With app revenue set to reach $85bn by 2020, now is the time for app developers and agencies to embrace a new paradigm in app marketing. Saying agency strategy is ‘mobile first’ is one thing. Becoming ‘app first’ is quite another. Agencies – the coffee is brewing; it’s time to wake up and smell it!

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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