How Advertisers Approach Targeting Super Bowl Viewers

Feb 05, 2016
By: Marissa Camilli

Each year, the price for a 30 second spot increases, averaging 5 million in 2016. Yet we continue to see the competition rise. With over 112 viewers in 2016, the Super Bowl continues to drive viewership and it’s essential that advertisers keep up. Here are two effective ways advertisers are targeting their audiences.

Make em’ laugh: For years, the funny approach has usually generated positive feedback from Super Bowl audiences. The Super Bowl for most is a relaxed environment. Typically viewers are looking to laugh and enjoy what they are watching. Advertisers and companies have been keen on this, just ask Doritos. If you have the money, a funny ad may be your best bet for Super Bowl viewers!

I don’t understand what I just watched: Regardless of the year, you can guarantee that some company will take an unorthodox approach to advertise their new product. Providing catchy phrases or slogans have proven to be successful in the past but they oftentimes leaving you confused on what you just watched. Similar to how you feel when you watch Mountain Dew’s spot this year.

Engaging users on Super Bowl Sunday is never the issue. The bigger question advertisers and brands face are how they want to gravitate users to their products or services. There are a number of avenues, but the best brands are solid in their messaging and aren’t afraid to take risks!

Marissa Camilli
By Marissa Camilli
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