How to Keep Scoring Long After the Super Bowl

Feb 06, 2024
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

Super Bowl week is here! And for advertisers, that means a buzz that can make or break a brand. While TV spots have been locked in for some time, an active mobile presence offers a prime opportunity to keep the “buzz game” going and score extra points with target audiences.

While TV spots can offer compelling storytelling opportunities, what sets mobile apart is the ability to offer an immersive experience. Instead of only engaging eyeballs, mobile offers the opportunity to get fingers and thumbs tapping as well. While TV spots garner 10 seconds of attention on average, rewarded ads in mobile games can capture an average of 22 seconds thanks to interactive capabilities that keep people engaged beyond just the video story.

Getting interactive helps advertisers go above and beyond brand goals, as they can hit the endzone by finding new customers, growing their app, encouraging repeat usage, and finding long-term loyal customers.

Here are three interactive features from the mobile playbook that’ll have you feeling like a champion long after Super Bowl Sunday.

Swipe to Throw

With just a swipe to throw the ball, mobile users can immerse themselves in the excitement of a real football game. A gamified user experience like this can attract new customers and re-engage diehard fans.

Hidden Object Game

Whether it’s spotting characters, key moments, or even Easter eggs, this experience is perfect for promoting movies, TV shows, and games. By providing an additional touchpoint to engage with beloved IPs, this strategy can strengthen brand loyalty among your audience.

Spinning Wheel

Perfect for ads in the grocery aisle or your favorite retail store, this interactive feature gives mobile users a fun way to engage with the products you sell. With each spin, you’re not just showcasing products—you’re encouraging repeat sales from your dedicated and highly engaged consumers.

Incorporating these campaign features into post-Super Bowl mobile initiatives unlocks opportunities to prolong audience engagement and amplify brand impact. With interactive features that keep fans engaged long after the final down, your brand will be the MVP of the mobile game.

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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