Retailers Are Offering New Mobile App Experiences For The Holidays

Nov 27, 2015
By: Mimi Torrington

As we enter the 2015 holiday shopping season, mobile device users are expected to use their devices for shopping more than ever.

With the retail stores that traditionally dominate holiday shopping facing increased competition, many have created innovative mobile app experiences to try to capture in-store shoppers.

Some of these mobile experiences are designed to enhance in-store shopping, and include the following functionalities:

  • guiding users to in-store products
  • summoning clerks
  • comparing store prices to competitor prices
  • displaying products, which the customers can swipe one way to like, and the other way to reject

With many of these technologies new and unfamiliar to customers, retailers face risk in introducing them during the busy shopping season. But with dramatically increased competition from other stores and websites, retails without strong mobile experiences risk being left behind.

Customers are increasingly mobile, and it’s up to retailers to meet their needs.

By Mimi Torrington
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