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Three Reasons Why Apps Are Critical For Business Success

With the mass adoption of increasingly powerful mobile devices, the consumer marketplace is transforming at an incredible rate.

Consumers know they can easily purchase what they want, when they want, from any physical location, with minimal hassle.

And if your business fails to provide the online experience consumers expect, you risk being quickly left behind—even if your business is established and successful.

The modern consumer experience goes through apps

Consumers love using apps. In fact, 90% of consumer time in mobile devices is spent in apps..

And if you’re still not convinced, this excellent Localytics article provides three reasons why apps should be part of your 2016 mobile strategy.

The highlights for emphasizing apps in 2016 include:

  • A far superior user experience in mobile apps compared to mobile websites
  • More detailed insights from apps on how your customers interact with you online
  • Greater customization and personalization for consumers in apps compared to mobile websites

The time is now for apps! For more information on advertising your app, visit the Digital Turbine website.

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