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Top Game Developer Enjoys 7x Lift in Conversion Rates with SingleTap™ Installs

Ask anyone who has been in business for any
length of time and they will tell you that it is always easier and therefore
cheaper to drive new revenues from an existing customer or client than it is to
win a new one. This rule is based on a number of factors, including reputation,
trust and a lack of friction making it easy to do business.

The more friction, the less likely they will spend so freely with you. Therefore, it is vital for any business hoping to increase Lifetime Value (LTV) to smooth the route to create up-sell opportunities. This can present a significant problem for many app developers.

While reputation and trust are all in the
hands of the developer (in terms of the quality of their service), the route to
market is a potential source of friction. This is particularly true when
looking at the Google Play store and other app marketplaces.

Store Friction

Persuading smartphone users to download an
app can be a rather disjointed experience. The friction of jumping from the
brand experience of a mobile website or app to the Google Play store, and back
again creates a lot of friction. This friction gives the user the opportunity
to re-evaluate if they actually need or if they can actually be bothered to
download your app. It’s a similar experience to “cart abandonment” in eCommerce
when an unexpected shipping fee or delivery delay makes them consumer
re-consider their purchase. In the app eco-system, every additional tap is an
opportunity to lose a download.

Distribution: Alternative Routes to Market for Android Developers


Reducing friction has never been more
important. In the digital age, consumers expect instant gratification and with
so many organizations out there vying for their attention, it’s easy to see how
people get distracted and lose focus on the job at hand — even if this does
just involve a couple of clicks on a smartphone screen.

Digital Turbine’s SingleTap™ solution is all about reducing customer friction and delivering
downloads from a single tap. That single tap could come from a link or a banner
on a mobile website, an email campaign, or via a push notification on an
existing app. This creates real opportunities to get strategic with your app
marketing campaigns.

Installs – Breaking Down the Barriers to App Engagement


Digital Turbine helped one top game
developer realize a 7x increase in their conversions rates by helping them
build on existing relationships and reducing friction.

Players were initially attracted to the
developer’s games via a series of pre-loaded campaigns. This enabled the
developer to reach a critical mass of smartphone users at a time when they were
most engaged with their devices — the moment of unboxing.

Turbine’s Secret Sauce: Reaching New Users at Scale

Players were then sent a push notification
promoting a new and exciting game from the same developer which they could
download with a SingleTap™. By
dramatically reducing points of failure (users didn’t even have to leave the
app they were in), this game developer enjoyed a staggering increase in their
conversion rate, helping them present more revenue earning opportunities to
their users over a wider portfolio of apps.

Lift in Conversion Rates

This incredible cross-promotion utilizing
Digital Turbine’s pre-loaded campaign inventory and frictionless SingleTap™ solution saw a 7x lift in conversion rates when compared to
promoted downloads routed via the Google Play store. Downstream engagement and
retention for the new app remained on par with users acquired through the app

The moral of the story is pretty clear:

A better user experience drives better
conversions and better customer lifetime value. IN fact, everything is better
with SingleTap™.


To learn more about how pre-loading and the
SingleTap™ solution from
Digital Turbine can help you dramatically increase engagement across your
portfolio of smartphone apps, contact us today and ask to speak with one of our
app marketing experts.

Marissa Camilli

By Marissa Delisle

Marketing Specialist

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