Twas The Night Before the Holiday Season

Nov 10, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Hey UA managers, have you checked your plan twice?
The holidays are key, might you need some advice?

Is your mobile growth plan fearless and bold 
Are you set for whatever the season may hold?

Challenges abound that make this season tricky.
Supply chains, the pandemic, privacy, so icky.

But now there’s Help to assist with your plight
And no, not a reindeer with a nose so bright.

We asked mobile experts (not elves) for some tips.
To make your app’s growth plan fully equipped…

With users and shoppers valuable and true
You won’t believe just how many you grew.

Tip #1 is to get users quick.
Shoppers are out early. Don’t miss all their clicks.

Tip #2? Don’t be Android lacking.
Haven’t you heard, Apple’s lost all your tracking

Rate trends and usage highlight tip #3
Which says spending beyond Facebook is a really big key.

And last but not least, tip 4 is best shown
By looking to carriers to get your app on phones

Need more advice as you navigate the season?
Reach out and ask – no matter the reason.

So there’s your list. Feel free to check twice.
Then Contact Us to get your app On Device.

By Ravi Pimplaskar
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