Mobile Monday: From Mother’s Day to Everyday

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In more than 40 countries around the world, families will be celebrating the people that deserve recognition but rarely get enough of it — mothers. While family members are searching for the perfect gift, brands and retailers can capitalize on the opportunity to boost revenue and build brand loyalty.

According to survey data from last year's Mother's Day, the majority of online shoppers bought gifts for their mothers on smartphones. So what better way for advertisers to reach eager shoppers than apps? Here are some insights advertisers should know for Mother’s Day sales and even after when moms are back to buying the gifts:

Give Shoppers (and Mothers) What They Want
There are already pressures that come with buying a gift for someone as important as Mom. Brands and retailers can make it easier for consumers who may or may not know what they are looking for. Consumers from EMEA & LATAM said last year that they mostly bought home appliances, cosmetics, and clothing as gifts for Mother’s Day. Creating innovative campaigns highlighting these products and offering promotions can get you that much closer to a purchase.

Be at the Right Place and Right Time
It’s going to be all about mothers in May, but that’s not who will be doing the shopping this time around. (At least we hope not). It’s time for fathers, sons, daughters and anyone to step it up and shower their mother figure with gifts. Advertisers need to make sure they are targeting their audience in the right channels. Looking to reach lost shopper dads? An eye-catching campaign in their favorite sports or gaming app is an effective way to point them in the right direction.

Bring it Back to Mom
What about the rest of the year? Father’s Day will be next and for every following holiday, mothers will likely be doing the shopping. GWI research shows that 70% of mothers are responsible for most of the shopping for the household. This means that they are a valuable target audience for marketers looking to drive sales throughout the year. Mobile games are a great way to engage with mothers and advertise seasonal promotions. Retail apps should also
focus on creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience for mothers. Creating user-friendly interfaces, easy payment processes, and engaging content that speaks to their interests can help drive further engagement and sales.

Mother's Day presents a great opportunity for marketers to tap into the mobile market and boost sales. But don't forget about mothers throughout the rest of the year! By creating targeted ads and campaigns, and providing a seamless user experience, marketers can effectively engage with this valuable target audience and drive sales year-round.

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