Mobile Monday: Your Super Bowl of Advertising Preview

What’s the buzz in mobile this week? Jumpstart your week here:

The Big Game is coming! Which is also a big day for brands and apps who spent big bucks to advertise during the game. And while eyes will be on the game, the commercials, and Rihanna, people will also have their eyes on their smartphones! Which is why a complimentary mobile strategy is critical to get the most bang for your big bucks.

Remember the Coinbase QR code ad last year? The cryptocurrency exchange platform broke the mold by simply showing a QR code bouncing around the screen for 60 seconds. The ad was simple but highly effective — enough to crash their app.

Here’s 3 things that really helped Coinbase that can be a guide for other brands and apps this year - not only for the Super Bowl but for ALL big events:

  1. 1. People are ready and willing to not only watch ads, but engage on their smartphone. It’s true! People aren’t just glued to the action on their screen. Their smartphones are close by and they won’t hesitate to pick them up if compelled.
  2. 2. Create a smart connection between the ad and the phone. The floating QR code was awesome, but the $15 worth of Bitcon was the real draw for Coinbase! Incorporating a mobile interaction with an incentive can help capitalize on that post-game buzz (and we’re not talking about a hangover).
  3. 3. And that buzz can last long after the game ends. While the millions of dollars may be spent on a single TV spot, extending your creativity to mobile can help optimize that spend - not only during the game, but for week’s after.

Looking for more insight into the Super Bowl of Advertising? Over the next two weeks we’ll be previewing the Big Game with our playbooks for advertisers and developers. Stay tuned! 

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