Mobile Monday: Strategies for Ad Spend on Android, Esports on Mobile, and Hypercasual Hits 3.5 Billion Downloads

Nov 15, 2021
By: Ravi Pimplaskar

Every week, Digital Turbine, AdColony, and Fyber are teaming up to give you the latest news and insights in the mobile world. In this edition of Mobile Monday, Digital Turbine dives into strategy for ad spend on Android, AdColony explores the rise of esports on the mobile platform, and Fyber showcases the growth of hypercasual games and how they benefit publishers and advertisers. Learn all about these stories in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Just DrOid It

Due to Apple’s privacy changes leading to 2 out of 3 consumers opting out of tracking, Android has seen a 10% increase in ad spend. But simply shifting spending to Android shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. This article in App Developer magazine lays out some data-backed sound strategies for how to spend money wisely on Android. Looking into a survey of 100 thousand U.S. consumers, the article gives insights like:

  1. Certain categories are more lucrative – The research reveals that popular app categories such as streaming media, pop culture, games, and productivity may find more success with Android users than iOS.
  2. Focus on deals and loyalty – While Android users tend to be more price-conscious, advertisers can turn that into an advantage by focusing their campaigns on promotions and loyalty programs.
  3. Focus on more than social – Compared to iOS, Android users are much less likely to be scrolling on Facebook and other social media platforms. So while you shouldn’t eschew them entirely, your campaigns should span other methods like on-device notifications, wizards, preloads, influencer marketing, or in-app ads.

In short, if you are one of the advertisers shifting spend to Android, take a moment to understand the nuanced differences in Android users and test different solutions accordingly.

Mobile Gaming as a Gateway to Esports 

Esports is not what it used to be. If you picture someone in a dark room playing a video game on an old, desktop computer, your idea of esports is outdated. According to the latest Forbes article, esports is growing rapidly, and by operating on the mobile platform, endless opportunities will arise that can greatly evolve the industry. So say goodbye to the old stereotype, and welcome esports as a channel to engage with consumers of all types. 

While esports became even more popular in the last year, esports on mobile, specifically, also saw significant growth as consumers can play anywhere and access tournaments, games, and more, at any time. In fact, Arnd Benninghoff, Executive Vice President at Modern Times Group, relayed that, “‘In 2020, across all esports titles, four of the top five games were mobile.’” 

With more consumers than ever, across the globe, looking to mobile games for entertainment and fun, what’s to stop them from entering into esports as well, if they’re not already? Consumers will be able to access teams, tournaments, and social interactions through gaming anywhere, anytime with a mobile device. What’s more, as consumers look forward to going to esports events in-person, mobile devices can be utilized in that space as well to allow for more engagement and social interaction between players, teams, fans, and viewers. With the growth of esports and mobile leading an industry evolution, brands and advertisers should be on high alert for opportunities to reach consumers of all ages, demographics, locations, and more, through esports.          

Hypercasual Leads with 3.5 Billion Downloads in Q3

The success of hypercasual is undeniable. From being considered the underdog of the gaming genres (or not really a genre at all), the bite-sized games have won in popularity and claimed the winning spot as the “number one global genre” in the third quarter of the year, with over 3.5 billion downloads!

According to App Annie – action, puzzle, and simulation lead the sub-genres pack with the most downloads. It’s worth mentioning that while some commentators in the industry saw the iOS privacy changes as doomsday for hypercasual, the genre remained resilient, exceeded growth expectations, and is not showing signs of slowing down.  

After captivating a large audience, the low production cost allows hypercasual developers to produce and roll out new titles at a rapid pace. The genre’s business model is 95% in-app ads driven. Whether it’s a banner ad, interstitial, or rewarded video, you’ll find it in a hypercasual game. This is a lucrative stream for publishers, and advertisers win a slice of the pie too with reaching a broad audience of all ages and interests. Users themselves understand that in-app advertising is part of the deal, and this does not shy them away from the ‘play, watch an ad, repeat’ core loop. 

All in all, this genre came to the app stores to win, and it looks like it knows exactly how to do that. 

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By Ravi Pimplaskar
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